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About Us

We are amateurs and collectors, a small united family team, passionately in love with everything that is called by the word "tomato".

"Tomato de Charme" was born out of love and curiosity for unusual varieties, as well as the desire to preserve several rare and old varieties with incredible taste, which we were lucky enough to successfully cultivate at the very beginning of the year. our journey to the tomato.

Determined to share our passion, a few years ago our great hobby turned into a small, but pleasant business activity.


We believe that tomatoes make our world a better place, that everyone's enthusiasm for growing tomatoes benefits us all and our planet, unites cultures and eras.

We believe in teaching principles that will help preserve, protect and popularize disappearing biodiversity, thereby providing access to many varieties for future generations.

And our little mission is to collect, research, study, preserve ...

Tomato seeds, online sale. Charming tomato, discover our method of selecting tomato seeds to sow for your vegetable garden. Buy your seedlings online

New to selling seeds on the eBay platform and receiving a large number of positive comments and thank you messages, we are happy to open the doors to our new tomato house today on our website
We hope you will find the tomato of your dreams there, amazing, attractive and of exceptional taste.
We are grateful to each of you for your trust, your kindness and your friendliness. It's always nice to feel that we share a common interest and hobby, without even knowing each other personally, sometimes being scattered all over the world.
Natacha and Michel Veys
January 2022


** For more information on our collection and on the origin of our seeds, our priorities and methods of growing plants, we invite you to read our "FAQ" and "Blog" sections.

** For special requests, do not hesitate to write to us using the "contact" form.

** For details on delivery and payment you can consult the special "delivery and payment" section.

** All the varieties described in our shop are intended exclusively for amateur gardeners wishing to diversify their production.

**The information in the description (taste, color, quality ...) is informative and subjective, it comes from our own experience and opinion.

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