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Tomato seeds

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Old, modern, rare, exotic

Welcome to Tomate de Charme

Dear friends,

Charming Tomato  offers you a collection of exclusive tomato varieties from the best breeders and collectors around the world. We cultivate them with love and care in our family garden, located in one of the most picturesque areas in the south-east, in the French Alps.


Most of these varieties are unique. A precious heritage, passed down for decades from generation to generation, they have long been forgotten in our modern world and cannot be found in traditional stores or trade catalogs.

We are very proud of our selection and are happy to invite you on an amazing journey into our tomato world.

In our shop you will find heirloom and rare varieties of tomatoes from the United States, Canada, Australia and European countries, as well as novelties, masterpieces  from Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and other collectors and breeders ..., virus tolerant, suitable for cultivation in a different climate and guaranteeing an excellent harvest.

Tomatoes in all the colors of the rainbow, in different shapes, sizes and ripening times that will make your vegetable garden a place of curiosity and the pleasure of rediscovered taste.  Do something good for you and the environment, buy, plant and propagate these varieties. Dare! ... Anyone can garden, even if you are still a beginner. And be curious about what will happen next.

Good discovery !


Our blog dedicated to seeds and tomatoes

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